Innovative Man-Machine interface solution with mixed reality headsets integrated with Warable Joy-stick " PATENTED"


Integration solution for CUTTING, CLEANING and WELDING


Water-jet, Plasma, Laser cutting systems


R&D in IoT applications, Industry 4.0, AI, Sustainability

BOSS TECHNOLOGIES is a company specialized in the construction of Cartesian plants and robots for water-jet, plasma and hybrid cutting.

Modularity, Flexibility, Repairability of plants, Eco-Sustainability, Energy Saving, Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, are the Keywords of our factory of the Future.

Behind a company history there is not only technological innovation, but also passion and empathy. In business strategy, innovation is combined with an empathic approach, which is based on the feelings and emotions of the human being in a new eco-sustainable world.

The Society 5.0 developed by Boss Technologies is at the door of Digital Humanism. In this new paradigm of society, we aim to achieve a convergence between cyberspace and physical space through the help of exponential technologies “AI, iot,4.0, Algorithms, quantum computing, etc.”. In this era of strong interaction Man – Technology only through digital transformation we have a vision Man Centric in a new ethical enhancement.

Building advanced user interfaces by combining them with automated systems that meet user needs is a complex task. It is necessary to know in depth the design and evaluation processes that are much more extensive than the more conventional interfaces. It is no coincidence that our experience in the field of remotely managed Robotics has allowed us to create an interface in the automation sector.

Designing in the field of advanced human machine interaction (Human Robot Interaction), a device to produce automated systems and robotic islands is pride of its industrial visions.

APP INTERFACE 4D is a patent pending approval (Patent Pending).

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