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BOSS HYBRID B3+1 3080 1T+1T AWJ+PL cutting plant of last generation with single portal, both single and hybrid technology.

Cutting system HYBRID Water-jet 3D + Plasma 2D BOSS Tech with water-jet heads Z=350 mm C=360 somebody+/- A=90 somebody+/- and plasma head Z=400

A water jet consists of several key components, such as the HYPERSTATIC structure with gantry kinematics of the axis handling, with high and robust portal, the high-pressure pump with Brushless motor from 4000-6200 bar, plasma from 100-200-300-400-600-800A Ultra Definition I/O Digital, Ethercat, CNC Control.

The Italian company is an industry leader and designs, manufactures and supports its waterjet systems in its factories in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Everything is designed and built under one roof, where service and support are easier and faster.

BOSS is the only manufacturer to guarantee latest generation software and hardware with human-machine interface Patented “APP INTERFACE4D”, advanced mixed reality viewers.



30100 40100 AWJ+PL
30140 40140 AWJ+PL
30180 40180 AWJ+PL
B3+B1 30120 Waterjet+Plasma

B3+B1 30100 1T+1T AWJ+PL

B3+B1 30100 1T+1T AWJ+PL
B3+B1 30100 1T+1T AWJ+PL