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CLEAR WATER Closed Loop Treatment


BOSS TECHNOLOGIES is an INNOVATIVE STARTUP, specialized in the construction of Cartesian systems and robots for Water-jet, Plasma and Laser cutting.

Behind a company history there is not only technological innovation but also passion. It is no coincidence that BOSS TECHNOLOGIES SRL has filed an international patent application for a “CLEARWATER” closed-loop sewage treatment plant for water-jet, plasma, lase and oxyfuel cutting. The system guarantees total autonomy from the use of water.


Water treatment is an important part of the preventive maintenance program for the water table cutting system. BOSS Technologies provides water treatment solutions that protect these critical systems and reduce the total cost of ownership. A custom designed water treatment program can significantly reduce water and maintenance costs while ensuring safe and reliable operation.


Today, wasting water, IS NOT ECO-SUSTAINABLE.

CLEARWATER is a patent pending for approval (Patent Pending)

impianto waterjet BOSS completo
Impianto waterjet BOSS completo

ClearWater BOSS
ClearWater BOSS

Impianto Waterjet Completo BOSS
Impianto Waterjet BOSS completo